Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The U.S. Route 50 Association met at the Mountain Top Truck Stop in Romney, Hampshire County, on September 16, 2009

The recorded attendees are as follows:

Arvin Harsh

Rita Harsh

Cate Johnson – Office of Congressman Mollohan

Chris Strovel – Shelley Moore Capitol’s Office

Stephen Smoot

Gary Howell

Evelyn Baker

David R. Parker\Charles Baker

Wayne Spiggle

Liz Beaver

Craig Jennings

At 1:00 p.m., following a luncheon period, Chairman Craig Jennings, County

Commissioner from Preston County, opened the business meeting.

Mr. Jennings stated that in the past, Gary Howell has been providing the secretary duties of the Association. However, it has been agreed by members that the elected Chairperson would be responsible to provide a secretary. An account has been set up and each county will contribute $500. to assist with expenses.

Mr. Jennings introduced Dianna Hartman, Administrative Secretary to the Preston County Commission, who is today recording the minutes.

It was appropriately moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the May 20, 2009 meeting.

There was no correspondence for consideration.

Under Old Business, Mr. Harsh advised that nothing has yet been done on the intersection of WV24/US50, in the Aurora area. He said he believes the “logical” thing before any repaving is done would be to upgrade. He said he would like to see someone from the state department meet with locals and perhaps hold a public hearing. He believes that project has been over engineered and over cost. He also has questions about the rights of ways on 24/50. He said in traveling to Hampshire County today, he has seen costly projects currently in progress and he believes the 24/50 project would be much simpler and cheaper to correct.

Cate Johnson stated that Congressman Mollohan’s Office will also contact the state concerning this project.

Craig Jennings will also have the Preston County Commission to send another letter to the appropriate officials.

In reference to the Little Cacapon Road, while the District Engineer has advised that money has been appropriated for that project, nothing seems to be happening at this time. The project was to be done last year.

Under New Business, Mr. Jennings asked for discussion of 2010 goals. It is his wish to get County Commissions on board with the Association and to have by-laws enacted this year.

It is believed that with the completion of Corridor H, there should be money available for some of the feeder roads.

Mr. Harsh believes that Route 219 leading into Thomas should also be looked at.

Mr. Howell stated that he would like a goal of 2010 to be to continue 4-laning some areas, particularly from Clarksburg to 81. He believes that some existing roads could be 4-laned. He said many priorities were listed some years ago and he believes the Association should review that list.

Mr. Parker said he believes communication with the federals is quite important.

Gary Howell said it is important to get National Guard units involved for emergency evacuations and national security. These plans should be implemented.

He believes it would be beneficial if both state and federal delegates could attend meetings.

There was discussion on what dates and times would be best for Association meetings. Some suggested that perhaps a night meeting should be considered.

Mr. Spiggle moved, seconded by Mr. Harsh to hold Route US 50 Association meetings the first Tuesday of odd months, with the time for the next meeting to be determined by Chairman Jennings, after consulting with Brian Carr and Bill Woods as to their availability. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Jennings is going to work hard to get Taylor County more involved.

There were no specific regional issues.

Under citizens concerns, Mr. Harsh extended special recognition to Mr. Spiggle and Mr. Howell for bringing this group together for the improvement of all. They deserve a special thanks. All were in agreement.

Gary Howell announced that Mineral County will be the host county for the next meeting , tentatively scheduled for November 3, with the location to be announced.

The meeting in Grant County is scheduled for January 5.

There being no further comments or business, Chairman Jennings declared the meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hampshire County Meeting Agenda September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

Hampshire County Meeting Agenda

Mountain Top Truck Stop

US Rt. 50 East

Romney, WV 26757

I. 12:00 Lunch

II. 1:00 Introductions

III. Minutes of Previous Meeting

IV. Correspondence

V. Old Business

a. WV24/US50 Intersection (update) – Bill Woods

b. South Little Cacapon Rd and US 50 turn status – Bill Woods

VI. New Business

a. Discussion of 2010 Goals

b. Possible change in meeting date

VII. Regional Issues

VIII. Citizens Concerns

IX. Volunteer host site for next meeting – Mineral County

X. Adjourn

Tentative Meeting Schedule

18 November 2009 – Mineral County

20 January 2010 – Grant County

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter from Hampshire County Commission on Byway Status

County of Hampshire
Office of County Commission
Court House Building
Romney, West Virginia 26757

Date: May 22, 2009
To: Route 50 Association
From: Hampshire County Commission
Subject: Scenic Byway Designation of U.S. Route 50

Dear Route 50 Associations Members,

This letter is concerning the designation of U.S. Route 50 as a Scenic Byway through Hampshire County. After serious thought and consideration, the County Commission of Hampshire County has decided to not pursue this issue; however, we do offer our support to any other member of the Association that wishes to designate their portions of the highway as a Scenic Byway. Our major concerns over this issue arise from the U.S. Route 50 being Hampshire County's major access road, and the designation may inhibit commercial development due to signage regulation imposed with the designation. We are also in pursuit of numerous upgrades along the Hampshire County section of Route 50, of which a byway designation would in fact bring about conflict.

We again offer our support of other counties; however we must decline in the joint pursuit to designate the entire stretch of U.S. Route 50 as a Scenic Byway, as we wish Hampshire County to remain un-designated.

Thank you,
Steve Slonaker, President
Hampshire County Commission