Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 2006 Minutes

Attendees: Gary Howell-Mineral Co., Evelyn Baker-Hampshire Co., Nannette Milleson-Hampshire Co., Stephen Smoot-Mineral Co., Dave Beard-Garrett Co. MD, Richard Feigley-Garrett Co. MD, Grady Bradfield-Hampshire Co., Les Shoemaker-Hampshire Co., Ken Musgrave-Mineral Co., Darwin Wolfe, Preston Co., Mona Ridder-Cumberland, MD, Nathan Signs-Hampshire Co., Dave Moe-Garrett Co. MD, Mitch Davis-Hampshire Co., Don Graham-Mineral Co., Chuck DeHaven, Frederick Co. VA, Cindy Pyles-Mineral Co, Michael O’Brian-Hampshire Co., Robert Amtower-District 5 WVDOH, William Wood-WVDOH Charleston, Lessie Treutle-Mineral Co., Brian Carr-WVDOH Charleston, Bob Turner-Hampshire Co., Bill Hicks-Hampshire County, CB Woodwilliam-Grant Co.

Les Shoemaker President of the Hampshire County Commission welcomed all participants to Hampshire County, and recognized Chuck DeHaven County Supervisor of Fredrick County VA, as this is their first meeting. Les then turned the meeting over to Gary Howell of Mineral County.

Old Business:

After introductions, Gary Howell presented Chuck DeHaven of Frederick County, VA a copy of the US 50 Needs Study prepared by Brian Carr of WVDOH.

It was decided that a letter should be sent from the group to, the six senators and four congresspersons representing the 3 states along the section of US 50, requesting that a new “Super 2” highway standard be considered as part of an expanded ADHS system to connect the current 4 lane corridors on the system. We are requesting that US 50, where it is not practical to be four lanes be considered for this new “Super 2” standard. Stephen Smoot of Potomac State College volunteered to prepare the letter.

Evelyn Baker of Hampshire County stated that our Federal Representatives were open to the idea of using Homeland Security money for improvements to US 50 as an evacuation route for Washington, but also stated that money was drying up.

At the last US 50 meeting Dave Bread of Garrett County, MD ask about the Wilson-Corona bridge project and that could the US 50 association bring that to the states attention. After that meeting Gary Howell contacted Alan Evans WV delegate for that area and requested it be looked into. Dave Beard at this meeting announced that WV had moved on the Wilson-Corona Bridge project (near Bayard on a US 50 feeder road) and that project is on track to be built. It was expressed that CSX had an issue with a railroad crossing on the WV side, and that WV would have to address that issue. Bob Amtower of District 5, WVDOH said that had all been taken care of with CSX.

New Business:

Bob Amtower of District 5 WVDOH announced that with the next paving project of US 50 from the Grant County line east to Skyline in Mineral County center road reflectors would be imbedded in the road to help in foggy and other adverse conditions. This was something that had been suggested at several US 50 meetings in the past.

Lessie Treutle of Mineral County asks about lighting at intersections to help with safety and travel.

Gary Howell brought fourth a request from the people of Elk Garden that strobe light be added to the stop sign at the intersection of WV 42 and US 50 at Skyline to help prevent accidents in foggy conditions. Brian Carr is adding it to the US 50 Needs Study.

WV Senate Bill 673 was discussed which would give the counties the right to raise bonds to help with road projects needed in their area. This would be outside WVDOH, but allow counties some access to Federal Matching Funds for these projects. It was unclear if this would effect WV’s state funds if. It was suggested we look into this further.

Regional Issues:

William Wood of WVDOH talked about the US 220 north south corridor, and its proposed routes. Les Shoemaker of Hampshire County ask that the group support the route that followed the existing US 220 corridor, which includes a large section of US 50 from Knobley Mt in Mineral County to Junction in Hampshire County. He stated that this would give a 4-lane section to US 50. It was agreed that the US 50 association would write a letter to WVDOH in support of this. Stephen Smoot volunteered to write the letter.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 and the next meeting will be held in Mineral County on May 17th at a place to be determined.

US 50 Association

March 15, 2006

Meeting Agenda

I. 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch

II. Welcome Virginia delegation

III. Introductions

IV. Minutes of Previous Meeting

V. Old Business

a. Present US 50 needs assessment document to Frederick County

b. Discuss each counties priority projects

c. Discuss approaching ARC’s ADHS on “Super 2” proposal

VI. New Business

VII. Citizens Concerns