Friday, January 21, 2005



Purpose and Mission of a Route 50 Association
The mission of the Association is to improve U.S. Route 50 from the Virginia line to Clarksburg WV so that this road will fulfill modern day safety standards and will more effectively function as an essential transportation artery complimentary to Corridor H, an improved north-south corridor and other transportation initiatives. In order to accomplish this goal the Association must:
• Be representative of the entire region effected;
• Become cooperators, not competitors, on this issue;
• Maintain a non-partisan approach;
• Agree on the priorities involved in Rt. 50 improvement;
• Present a unified front to responsible government agencies;
• Actively inform the public about what must be done and how to do it;
• Assess Department of Transportation budget priorities and make certain this region is in full parity with the rest of the state;
• Celebrate our successes and remain positive in our approach.

Forming the Association
Hampshire, Mineral, Grant, Garrett, Preston, Taylor, Tucker, Barbour and Harrison County Commissions will be invited to form the core group and to ask their offices for economic development, public safety (Sheriff or 911 Director), Chamber of Commerce and tourism office to participate. Therefore, voting members of the Association will be representatives of the County Commission with a public safety official, economic development/planning, tourism and the Chamber of Commerce in each of the aforementioned counties participating. The public at large will be invited and encouraged to participate as ex-officio members.

Activities of the Association
Meetings of the Association will be held bi-monthly, with a rotating venue so that an even number of meetings are held in each of the membership regions. All meetings will be open to the public and representatives of the WV and MD Department of Highways will be urged to attend each meeting. Proceedings of each meeting will be reported to all constituencies in order to encourage a representative process.

Expected Outcome of the Association
It is expected that by presenting a unified front, a cooperative approach, a studied assessment and a successful public information program, the current unacceptable status of U.S. Rt. 50 will be transformed into a modern and safe roadway. To the extent that this is done, U.S. Rt. 50 will function more effectively as an essential regional link to economic development opportunities and promotion of tourism, thus enhancing the quality of life and future prospects for the entire region.