Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Formation of U.S. Route 50 Association

Meeting of Regional County Commissioners

Re: Formation of U.S. Route 50 Association

CandleWyck Inn

November 18, 2003

Invited were the Commissions of Hampshire, Mineral, Garrett, Grant, Preston, Taylor and Barbour Counties. All parties expressed positive interest.
Attending were: Com. David C. Beard, Garrett Co.; Comm.
Les Shoemaker, Jr, Donald P. Cookman, & O’Grady Bradfield, constituent Michael O’Brien (Hampshire Review), Hampshire Co.; Adm. Cindy Whetsell, Grant Co.; Comm. Jack Bowers & Janice Larue, Co. Coordinator Michael Bland and constituent Wayne C. Spiggle, Mineral Co.; Comm. L. Darwin Wolfe & Victoria A. Cole, Preston Co.

A discussion paper on the formation of the Association was reviewed and amended. The amended version is attached.

Certain action items were discussed as follows:

Action Item



Structure of the Assoc.
Eastern Panhandle and Frederick Co. Va. should be invited.
Hampshire Commission to contact and report back.

Chambers / Commerce, Planning Commissions, Tourism Offices should be invited.
Commissioners to contact.
Facilitator to inform about next meeting.

Co. Comm. to decide and invite rep. of public safety.
Each Commission to decide whether this is to be the Sheriff/ 911, etc. & invite to next meeting.

All meetings:

  • Public

  • Non-partisan

  • Held at places thru-out region.

  • Include WVDH

Action Item



Structure of the Association

We will begin with an informal structure and decide later whether formal incorporation and 501© 3 needed. Funding could be channeled through a designated Co. Comm.
Facilitator (Spiggle) to propose a simple procedure format at next meeting. (Bland & Cookman to assist.)

Some work of the Assn. may be accomplished through designated sub-committees.

Promoting the Association

State and Federal Delegations should be informed and involved.
Each Co. Commission will make contact. Facilitator will keep them in the info. loop.

Purpose & Mission

Refer to Strategic Plan (attached)

Agreed upon in principal at this meeting

Activities & Outcome of the Association

Wayne Spiggle was asked to assume the role of facilitator until a more formal structure is adapted by the Association. Michael Bland agreed to provide assistance and advice.

The next meeting will be held at the Garrett Co. Court House on Friday, January 30, 1:00 p.m. The major agenda item will be a review of existing studies and/or design work that now exists for U.S. 50 east of Clarksburg. The WV Division of Highways will be asked to make this presentation. The strategic plan will be reviewed and other organizational items will be discussed. Please mark your calendars now.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne C. Spiggle, M.D.