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Mineral County Meeting Minutes - November 19th, 2008


September 17, 2008

Recorded Attendees: Gary Howell – Mineral County, Wayne Spiggle-Mineral County Commission, Arvin Harsh – Preston County, Bill Wood – WVDOH – Charleston, Mona Ridder – MCDA, Brian Carr – WVDOH, Liz Beavers – News Tribune, Janice LaRue – Mineral County Commission, Betty Spiggle – MinCo, Bob Hatfield – Self, Bill Ross – Grant County EDO, Cate Johnson – Congressman Mollohan’s Office, Chris Strovel – Congresswoman Capito’s office.

Introductions: Mineral County Commissioner Wayne Spiggle opened the meeting and made the introductions welcoming everyone to the meeting. He made special mention of Bob Hatfield who is doing photography along US 50 for a book.

Correspondence: None

Old/New Business: The intersection of US 50 and WV 24 was discussed and the possibility of reducing the speed limit through the intersection to 40 mph from its current 55 mph. Bill Wood of WVDOH said he would follow through with the request to see if it is feasible.

Gary Howell presented a draft of the US 50 brochure. The brochure includes a brief history of the highway and US 50 Association. It includes attractions located along the route as well as contact information for both the group and the Visitor Bureaus’ in each county along the route. Also included are photos from 1942 and 2008 of Macomber turn.

Wayne Spiggle asked if the fact the group was started by the county commissions of each county along the route could be added. He asked Mona Ridder to work with Gary Howell on that. Arvin Harsh asked that the Aurora Heritage Store be added to the list. Gary Howell asked if matching funds from the WV Tourism Office could be used to fund producing the brochure. Bill Wood of WVDOH said that money from WVDOH is also available. Wayne Spiggle asked Mona Ridder of MCDA to look into funding the project since it will help with tourism and economic development.

The reintroduction of H.R. 4827 was discussed. Cate Johnson of Congressman Mollohan’s (WV-1) office request the group make a formal request by letter and Chris Strovel of Congresswoman Shelley Capito’s (WV-2) office stated a request to co-sponsor the Mollohan bill should be sent as well. Gary Howell asked that the group request the bill be reintroduced for the next congressional session and add Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett to the co-sponsor request. That idea was approved. This bi-partisan bill will provide Appalachian Development Highway System money for a US 220 north-south corridor between Corridor H (US 48) and Interstate 68. The connection could construct a section of US 50 as a 4-lane where US 50 and US 220 overlap.

Bill Woods explained that extending WV 93 was stalled due to a retirement and an interim director of that division. He expects no problem once the new director takes over and the new northern terminus of WV 93 will be at the intersection of US 220 at the Blue Jay Bridge when the project is completed.

Bill Woods of WVDOH indicated that US 50 is no longer closed on the east side of Bridgeport. However, short term one lane closures may occur as work is completed on that section of US 50.

On the US 220 North-South Corridor it is expected that the Tier 1 study will be completed in the spring. Maryland has funded their portion of Tier 2, but West Virginia has not. The group asked the Federal Representatives if this is something they could help with. They said it was, but he request needed to come from the Governors office. The association decided to draft a letter to the Governor requesting that he requested funding for the Tier 2 study, so that it may begin when the Tier 1 study is completed.

Gary Howell asked if the local DOH could periodically work on removing earth in areas were there are sharp turns. Over time this would allow the road to be straightened. Brian Carr of WVDOH stated that the state does not like to take out single turns as this gives people a false sense that the rest of the road will be better. This increases the likelihood that they will wreck on the next turn. Gary responded that following that philosophy no turns would ever be removed anywhere. WVDOH did agree to look at two turns in Mineral County were local crews had removed earth allowing turns to be straightened. One is located just east of Knobley Rd on US 50, the other just west of Dorsey’s Curve at the pull off area on Allegheny Front.

November Meeting:

Grant County is next on the schedule to host the January 21, 2009 meeting a t a place to be determined.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:57

Tentative Meeting Schedule

19 November 2008 - Mineral County

21 January 2009 – Grant County

18 March 2009 – Garrett County

15 July 2009 – Preston County

16 September 2009 – Taylor County

18 November 2009 – Hampshire County

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mineral County Meeting Agenda November 19th, 2008

November 19th, 2008

Mineral County Meeting Agenda

Flying W Restaurant

US 50 West
Burlington, WV 26710

I. 12:00 Lunch

II. 1:00 Introductions

III. Minutes of Previous Meeting

IV. Correspondence

V. Old Business

a. US 50 brochure – Gary Howell

b. WV 93 Extension Update – Bill Woods

c. US 50 Harrison County Closure Update – Brian Carr

d. NHS US 220 Corridor Route Update – Brian Carr

VI. New Business

a. Re-introduction of Corridor O Bill

b. US 220 Tier 2 funding request revisit

c. Turn removal projects using local DOH

VII. Regional Issues

VIII. Citizens Concerns

IX. Volunteer host site for next meeting – Grant County

X. Adjourn

Tentative Meeting Schedule

21 January 2009 – Grant County

18 March 2009 – Garrett County

15 July 2009 – Preston County

16 September 2009 – Taylor County

18 November 2009 – Hampshire County

20 January 2010 – Mineral County