Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hampshire County Meeting Agenda

November 15th, 2006

Hampshire County Meeting Agenda

Loy Foundation (Old Coke Plant)

426 East Main St

Romney, WV 26757

I. 12:00 Lunch – 1:00

II. Introductions

III. Minutes of Previous Meeting

IV. Correspondence

V. Old Business

a. Danger of the Highway as compared to others in West Virginia – Wayne Spiggle

VI. New Business

a. Doable Priorities for the next West Virginia legislative session – Wayne Spiggle

b. 4-lane using existing road as one side – Gary Howell

c. Increasing through traffic on US 220 multiplexed section – Gary Howell

d. D.C. Evacuation – Dick Fagley

VII. Regional Issues

VIII. Citizens Concerns

IX. Volunteer host site for next meeting

X. Adjourn

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