Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18th, 2009 Minutes

March 18th, 2009

Meeting Mintues

Penn Alps
125 Casselman Rd
Grantsville, MD 21536

The meeting began at 1:00 P.M. at Penn Alps Restaurant in Grantsville, MD. The Garrett County Commissioner Fred Holliday welcomed the Association to their County. Introductions were held, Represenatives from U.S. Senator Mikulski (Julianna Albowicz), Senator Cardin (Robin Summerfield), and Congresswoman Capito (Chris Strovel), and Congressman Mollohan (Cate Johnson) Offices were present. County Commission representatives from Garrett County Maryland (Fred Holliday), and Mineral (Janice LaRue and Wayne Spiggle), Hampshire (Steve Slonaker), and Preston Counties (Dave Price and Vicki Cole) in West Virginia also attended. Brian Carr from the West Virginia Division of Highways participated in the meeting. Others attending were Mona Ridder, Gary Howell from Mineral County, Charles Baker, Evelyn Baker, and Grady Bradfield from Hampshire County, Arvin Harsh from Preston County, and Liz Beavers from the Mineral News-Tribune.

A lively discussion was held on the minutes of the previous meeting, constituents from Mineral County had concerns over language and discussion of an item. It was determined through consensus that the meetings should be tapes for accuracy of minutes.

David Moe was not present at the meeting; the make-up of the Route 50 Association was discussed. A letter and brief history was read by Mrs. LaRue that clarified the original scope of the Association and it members. Documents were handed out that were drafted at the inception of the Association.

Gary Howell discussed letters that were received, one a response from Governor Manchin, and a letter concerning Corridor O Extension and a letter to promote Tier 2 Funding for U.S. 220. Cate Jonson from Congress Mollohan’s Office informed the Association of an house of Representatives Bill that was introduced, HR 1489 concerning Corridor O. On the issue of 220, Senator Byrd needs a letter to push for funding and also needs Governor Manchin’s support. Maryland also needs to help fund the project.

Brian Carr and members of the Association with knowledge of their individual counties gave a brief update on road improvements that were both under construction and proposed.

A discussion was held concerning designating Route 50 as a Scenic Byway. It was determined that Karen Ebert Allen, from the West Virginia Division of Highways, whom is in charge of Scenic Byways in the State should hold a meeting with the individual county commissions the address questions and concerns over the designations, Mr. Carr suggested holding consolidated meetings considering travel issues for Ms. Allen and similarity in questions and concerns from the commissions. It was also determined that part of Route 50 has already been designated as such and that individual sections could be designated. The individual county commissions could choose to designate the entire length or parts of the road in their county.

A short statement was given on the issues arising with Route 50 in Hampshire County. Improvements near Dunmore Ridge, Timber Ridge, Bear Garden Mountain, Grassy Lick, Mountain Top, and Cooper Mountain were given in a list. Mr. Slonaker thanked Mr. Carr for the improvements that Hampshire County did get. The three lane in Romney is in the Stimulus money at this time, South Little Cacapon Road would have to be checked in the six year stip. Mr. Carr stated the six year stip can be checked at A sidenote was given that Maryland projects can be checked at

Arvin Harsh from Preston County voiced his concern of a dangerous intersection of U.S. Route 50 and Route 24. Brian Carr stated a speed study was going to be performed in late spring or summer. Fred Holliday from Garrett County proposed the possibility of Preston County helping with the funding the improvements, much the same way they do in Maryland. A question was ask on the paving from Aurora to the Maryland line.

Preston County was determined to be the next host site for the May Meeting, at a place to be determined later.

The Meeting Adjourned.

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